Pool fence & Gate Installation

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Pool Fence Installation

You are a legally required to have a fence around your swimming pool before it can be filled with water. We can install a high-quality swimming pool fence that meets the legal requirements, looks great, is durable and affordable.

Pool Fencing

The main types of pool fencing include:

Aluminium tubular

Steel tubular

Frameless glass

Semi frameless glass

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glass pool fencing

Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing is a great option that looks luxurious and is very sturdy. The glass used is impact resistant, toughened, safety glass and can be installed framed, semi-framed or frameless.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

Powder coated tubular Aluminium is a popular choice for swimming pool fencing in Melbourne.

It provides a high level of visibility through the fence so that you can see what is going on in the swimming pool from outside the fence.

Aluminum is quite sturdy, does not rust and can last a long time. Cost of this type of construction is quite reasonable.

Pool Fencing Installation | Pool Fence & Gate Installers & Builders

Steel Pool Fencing

Powder coated tubular steel, solid steel panels or Colorbond is another option. Powder coating comes in a wide range of colours.

The tubular style also provides good visibility to the pool from the outside. Solid steel panels and Colorbond can be used as a privacy screen where there are overlooking neighbours.

Pool Fencing Prices

Picket fences prices vary depending on the materials, if a gate is included, size (length & height), style, gap between pickets, corners or additional end post to finish the side, location, the shape of the terrain and if you need an existing fence to be demolished and removed.

Prices start from about $80 per linear meter for the most basic designs to $1200 per linear meter for higher and more complex designs.

Do I need to install fencing before filling my pool?

Yes, Australian law requires you to fence your pool before it is filled. The pool fence must be and certified by a qualified inspector or your local council. Refer to pool regulations for your area before filling your pool.

What is the standard height for pool fencing?

The minimum fence height around a swimming area is 1.2 meters from the highest ground surface. We can install a higher fence if you like.

How long will construction take?

Usually, construction takes about two (2) days. Larger and more complex projects can take longer. Contact us for a time and price quote!

Is glass a safe material to use as fencing?

We only use toughened safety glass as fencing. Toughened safety glass is durable, impact resistant and can withstand the elements experience outdoors in Melbourne.

Is Aluminium suitable for use around a pool?

Yes, Aluminium is a great material to use around water as it does not rust. Furthermore, powder coated Aluminium is very corrosion resistant and last a long time.

How much maintenance does fencing require?

Glass, Aluminium or steel tubular, solid steel panels and Colorbond require very little maintenance. A wash with the hose when it gets dirty and checking for damages is all that is required.

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Fencing solutions

We offer a range of fencing services including:

Rendered brick with metal palisade or slat infill
Paling fencing & gates
Picket fencing & gates
Merbau fencing & gates
Colorbond fencing & gates
Glass fencing & gates
Aluminum fencing & gates
Steel fencing & gates
We can offer solutions for a variety of needs and styles.

Rendered brick with metal palisade slat infill

Residential Fencing

We can supply and install a wide range of residential fencing types. Make your home stand out with a new high quality fence.

timber pailing fence with metal posts

TimBer Fencing

Timber fences are iconic to Melbourne homes. Great as border fences and at a budget that everyone can afford! Ask us for a quote for an affordable timber pailing fence.

Pool fencing

Make your pool safe and secure with a pool fence. 

Pool Fencing Installation | Pool Fence & Gate Installers & Builders
new colorbond fencing

Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fences are very strong and sturdy, last a really long time and are super low maintenance! They also look great! Colobond fence panels are available in a range of sizes and colours available. We supply and install Colorbond fences, ask us for a quote for your project!

Commercial Fencing

We can provide commercial fencing in a range of types and styles. 

Security Fencing

When you want to secure your property, sturdy metal fencing is a great option. Ask the Melbourne Fencing Experts about our range of security fencing options. 

high metal sesvcurity fence


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